Waves on the Shore


By Bernadette Conroy

Waves on the Shore is an attempt by the author to capture the story of Inishturk South, a small island, off the coast of Connemara, in as many dimensions as possible: Historically, culturally, botanically, socially, personally and emotionally. It also provides an historical document of the interactions of the islanders with their teachers and finally a description of a way of life, on those western islands that is quickly fading into the past.

The Irish name for this island is Inis Toirc which translates as ‘Island of the Boar’. It is often referred to as Inishturk South (Inis Toirc Theas) in order to tell it apart from another island bearing the same name which lies farther north off the coast of Co.Mayo. Over the decades from famine times up to the early twentieth century, Inishturk’s population continued to decrease gradually, resulting in its final evacuation with the closing of the island school in 1978.

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Conroy, Bernadette

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