Take Your Ease & Rest Awhile


By Daniel Sammon

What better way to celebrate your 60th birthday than to write a book of poetry! That’s just what Daniel did as the clock chimed the big ‘six zero’.

Writing poetry came as natural to him as eating his breakfast – that’s not to say he’s a brilliant poet or even a good one, but he’s very happy with his creations and compositions, and so are many other people – the people who matter to him, such as family, friends and casual readers. Poetry is a subjective thing in his opinion.

He has received numerous lovely letters from a wide variety of people including Mary McAleese (who was President of Ireland back then), Archbishop Michael Neary, and even one from Buckingham Palace stating how much Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip enjoyed his poems about their Royal Visit in 2011.

Read it and make up your own mind about it! There are as many different subjects in it (some of them close to the bone) as there are days in the month.

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Sammon, Daniel


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