From Our Ancient Land to Bountiful Sea


By Marie Feeney

Why is a seaside town named after a skull? Who was Fionn Mac Cumhial searching for in that region? On what island did the Pirate Queen build a castle?

Marie Feeney’s new book, ‘From Our Ancient Land to Bountiful Sea’, will bring children back in time with heroic tales and humorous stories of the people and legends of Northwest Connemara. The characters and landscape are gorgeously visualised with illustrations by Gary Kendellen and the book layout by Jane Stark.

While the author of this book has written many historical articles, as well as her book on the Cleggan Bay Disaster of 1927, writing this children’s book has always been Marie Feeney’s wish. It is not only full of tales of history, legend, folklore and archaeology, but also of imagination and warmth that all children will love to read.

This book will be a wonderful gift for children and young people in Connemara, for families who have moved away, as well as for visitors to the area. This book will stir imaginations with the epic stories of fascinating legends, heroes, and magical islands.

From Our Ancient Land to Bountiful Sea can be purchased  from local shops including the Clifden Bookshop, the Letterfrack Country Shop, Gala Cleggan, and Sweeney’s Claddaghduff.

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Feeney, Marie





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