Beneath the Silence


By Padraic McCormack

This enthralling story of events in a west of Ireland parish in the 1940s is inspired by a true story. It is a different take on the well-rehearsed theme of the Irish unmarried mother who is named and shamed while the father is never identified. This case is the exception as two people are suspected of being the father – a local man and the local priest.

Padraic McCormack’s first novel takes the reader on a journey from the Ireland of the squinting windows to America and back to Ireland where, in the 1960s, the windows are beginning to let in more light. It is a sensitively told account of the pain and the pathos endured by those closely involved with events and the fall-out for those on the fringes – the silent watchers who never go away.

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McCormack, Padraic

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