An Island Here, An Island There


By Kingstown National School

Turbot Island was once a vibrant community, home to over 300 people. The island was evacuated in 1978 for several reasons that are explained in the book.

Thereafter, many of the islanders were resettled in new homes in the lowlands surrounding Kingstown National School and the island children transferred there from the island school.

Very little has been written about the history of the Turbot Island. “An Island Here, An Island There” was co-written in 2004 by a group of Senior pupils, with the guidance of their teachers. Given that Inis Turbot plays such an important part in the area’s heritage, they decided to record its history lest it be forgotten.

The book describes the physical features of the island, its school, the everyday lives of the islanders themselves, and makes particular reference to its abandonment on November 28th, 1978.


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